105, 2020

The Worst Enemies of White Teeth

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Patients often ask what foods to avoid in order to keep their teeth white. This article will reveal the main causes of stained teeth. Regardless of whether your teeth are naturally white or have been whitened, everyone should possess at least some degree of knowledge about the most common culprits of teeth staining. Although some are better known than others, all can damage and stain your enamel. TEA, COFFEE, AND BROWN SOFT DRINKS Coffee and brown soft drinks (e.g., Pepsi, Coke) are often singled out as an unwise choice if you want to keep a white smile, [...]

104, 2020

Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

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A child’s first visit to the dentist is a major step. It will determine how your little one approaches their dental care for the remainder of their life. This is why we spare no effort to make this initial experience enjoyable.It is recommended that you make an appointment for your child as early as one year of age. During this first visit, the dentist and hygienist will build a relationship of trust with your child. Of course, they will also examine and clean their teeth, and will go over teeth brushing and flossing techniques with you. Approximately 50% [...]

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